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National Basketball League (Basketball England)


U14s Girls Team

This is the first girls team the club has entered into the National League. They started with 5 players due to delayed player registrations and played their first few games without subs. They are hungry for basketball and although they are yet to win a game they are very excited for the next game.


We noted that our girls are a small team and very young in age in comparison to their opponents. Their opponents are mainly teenagers but our girls are 9 to 12 years of age with one 13 year old.Watch this space.......Warrior Girls are on the move!!!



U14s Boys Team

This team is our strongest team in the league and is known for getting to the play offs and even the final fours championship play offs.

This age group has brought back silver medals ( 2nd in the Country) in 2013 and 2014,


2015 we made the play-offs but not the final fours.


This year we are aiming to get there again and bring home some metal for our boys.


Please see our training page for all training times this season. We will attempt to update this regularly with club breaks that coincides with school beaks.



Central Venue League (CVL)

U10s/U12s Team


This is our youngest Warriors team and play in this development league to give them a feel for the Sport of basketball and competition.


They learn the rules of the game as most referees will explain to them what they have done wrong when the whistle is blown against them or their opponent.


They get a feel for competition and winning and learn that all is not lost with a lose but fun, team-work/playing and participation is also of benefit.


They develop confidence with the ball skills on the court during gamest. They move from no points in a games to points and that's when they start to want to play. We encourage this development by allowing them to play up in the U12s team games with the older children. They will eventually move up to play with the National League Teams for their age group, size and ability as assessed by the team coaches.