Csaba Köpe


Andy Peat

Vice Chairman, London Warriors Basketball Club
It is a great honour to be connected to this club. This is a  friendly and fun club not just for the players but the whole family. I’ve two boys who play for London Warriors and have myself been connected to the club for about 3 years. I try to watch as many of the games as i can to help support the club.

Lehoma Tannis-Harriet


Basketbal has and still is the outlet my family and the club players and their families use to achieve their purpose in life. I am dedicated to helping all players achieving goals through basketball.

Hi, I’m Radka and I am very much looking forward to being part of the committee.  I have a particular interest in this club as my twin boys both play basketball for London Warriors.  As my profession is a Finance Director, I look forward to using my knowledge in supporting and assisting wherever I am able.

Hello Everyone, 

My name is Rund Almakhamreh, a soon to be Accounting and Finance graduate from Royal Holloway, University of London. I’m incredibly passionate about my course and my degree and for that reason, I have chosen to continue my education at UCL, University College London for my postgraduate studies with a Masters in Banking and Digital Finance.

I hope the knowledge I have gained from my studies and the skills from my work experience opportunities can be positively reflected in the work done helping out wherever I can with the London Warriors, particularly in the area of Accounting and Finance.

It’s my pleasure to be working with such wonderful people to help transform the basketball club in the vision we set out for it. 

Thank you to the club, board members, and the club members for welcoming me on and giving me such an incredible opportunity, I hope I can help and give back always!

Jasmin James

Designated Welfare and Engagement Officer and basketball Mum! 

Kelly Mcnab 

Parent Board member

My son has played for the club for 6 years. The club has become family over the years very welcoming from the very start. When my son first started to play I thought oh no that's my weekends gone but I can honestly say I throughly enjoy the games the atmosphere is amazing.