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New players (7-18) who would like to try out for one of our teams can see our Team Training Page, identify the session that they can attend then contact us to make arrangements. The Trial/Taster session is free, thereafter, the player must decide to progress to the membership registration steps below.

There are 2 types of LWBC memberships:

a. Training and a Player for National/Local League games

b. Training only (no league games)


Steps to join the club (you must follow all 4 steps below):

1.  All members must Register with Basketball England (BE).  All members that participate in National or Local Leagues games must also purchase a PLAYER licence with BE.


 a) Use this Link to register on the BE website: Basketball England Members Area

 b) Register using section CREATE A FULL ACCOUNT (details of how to register can be found here: Membership Portal How To - YouTube)

 c) Please have a copy of the player’s birth certificate or their current valid in-date passport picture page and a photo of the player (shoulders up) saved on the laptop/phone you will be using to complete the registration in the Basketball England Player Registration Portal.  You will be required to upload this for BE membership.

 d) BE registration is free.  However, when adding a PLAYER Licence there will be a fee to pay for this.


  • For U10s, choose LOCAL LEAGUE

  • For U12, U14, U16, U18, choose NATIONAL LEAGUE 

 f) Make sure you link your BE membership to our club.  You can do this via section CLUBS/TEAMS and search for our club using code: CA1294


NOTE:  If the player has played with a Club outside of the UK or uses a non-British passport, they will need to complete and sign Self Declaration and FIBA Clearance Forms, send to for Club to check and Sign, then Club will email to BE who will then request FIBA Clearance on behalf of the player. This could take 2-3 weeks to process.

2.  Complete the LWBC Online Registration player form: Please contact  07738027674

or email:

3.  Pay the LWBC fees as set out in the membership fees form (fees cover sessions from September to end of May 2023)

Note: membership fees do not include the club playing kit, any LWBC club camps and end of season training.  These are at an extra cost.


All fees are to be paid via Bank Transfer to: London Warriors Basketball Club (LWBC)

 Please use "Players Surname and LWBC INVOICE NUMBER” as reference example:  JONES / 2

        Invoice number will be provided to you by LWBC

NatWest Bank Sort code:  60-08-46

Account number: 67505082
Please feel free to contact us with any queries or for further help if needed.

4.  Complete Kit Order Form

        Club Kit/Jersey can be ordered, this will be at an additional fee which you must pay for in advance.  Please request order form from club office.

     a) Once you have completed the order form, send the completed form to: 

     b) Pay for the KIT to the LWBC club account using the members Surname/Unique Invoice Number/Kit as the reference.  Example:  SMITH/10/KIT


Annual Fees

Please see details of fees on the fees form and make payment to the Club Bank account.  Playing Club Kit (uniform) is at an additional price, contact club for further pricing details.

Please also note that non-attendance to training sessions or games for any reason does not affect the memerbship fees. The Treasurers checks the club account weekly to ensure who has paid. Non-payment will result in players' inability to train or play. No pay, no play.

We hope this is clear.

For further clarifications or help please contact us by text, call, or email.
Contact: 07738027674


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