All Team training takes place on a weekly basics after school. Each team trains either on there own or jointly with another team.

Please contact the club for further details:07738027674


Training is the foundation and matrix to a team’s success. It is very important that each player commits to this ethos. We use training to improve on the development and the performance of an athlete.

Basketball is a combination of skill, agility, strength and discipline. In order to achieve the highest standard of performance, consistency and adaptation, training needs to be attended at all times.

As a club, we are here to help professionals and amateurs to achieve their goals through the use of coaching and mentoring and make it your job by attending these sessions. We believe that an athlete can be pushed as much as they think they can be pushed.

Please make sure you turn up to training as you are letting yourself down as well as the others and the club too.

Our Home Matches are on Sunday and our Away Matches are on a Saturday, so please make sure you attend these games.




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